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Leaving to Learn

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Many thoughtful people have written about some of the issues that we address in our book. Here are links to their sites.

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We have been laying a foundation for Leaving to Learn for several years.
Here are links to articles that provide more depth around some of the issues we address in our book.

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L2L Has Many Faces

Listen to these young people and observe how they go about learning outside of school. Think about the academic, career, and personal competencies they are addressing in this our school learning. How would you help a student address important academic competencies in the learning and work they are doing outside of school. What about career and personal competencies?

inside the outside

What is Leaving to Learn?

Isn’t it time to offer adolescents a pathway to success in school that’s proven to inspire and motivate kids to keep on learning? Isn’t it time to try more innovative ways to address the challenges of our nation’s dropout rate? We can keep kids in school and prepare them for life after graduation by delivering authentic learning experiences that matter to them. The first step is taking down the barriers between school and the outside world. The first step is letting them leave, to learn.